UNIVEST Group Participates as a Supporting Organization in the 'Investment in Oil & Gas Forum 2007' in Dubai

November 7, 2007 UNIVEST Group has participated for the first time as a Supporting Organization in the "Investment in Oil & Gas Forum 2007" event which was held on the 23rd and 24th of October at Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa in Dubai (in cooperation with TAQA, Ashurst, and Las Consult: Investments Finance & Consultancy).

Mr. Richard Bushman, UNIVEST Group General Manager, served as Chairman of the first session of the conference, and spoke at the event to share UNIVEST's experience in arranging investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Mr. Bushman presented a new opportunity for oil and gas investors in the region by describing the technology of UNIVEST Group's partner company Katana Energy International.

Katana's advanced exploration and production techniques have been utilized by the largest and most sophisticated global oil and gas players, who are seeking to rejuvenate mature or damaged hydrocarbon fields. With a team made up of some of the industry's most experienced engineers, Katana has leading solutions in critical well design, horizontal under-balanced drilling, high pressure, high temperature and reservoir management.

Mr. Abdulwahab Ahmed Al-Nakib, Chairman of UNIVEST Group, said, "UNIVEST Group always seeks new opportunities in specialized sectors and so we were very excited to have been the arranger of the transaction between US-based Katana and a large Kuwait-based company, thus bringing Katana and its team's unique expertise closer to the GCC region."

"There are various statistics supporting strong growth in global energy sectors and UNIVEST Group will expand its exposure to the Energy sector by providing its clients with unique opportunities in various energy sub sectors," stated Khaled Magdy El-Marsafy, Vice Chairman of UNIVEST Group.

Mr. Bushman added, "This event presents a good networking opportunity for us while providing exposure to the latest developments in the oil and gas industry. During the interactive panel discussions on several industrial and investment issues, industry leaders highlighted the opportunities and challenges of upcoming projects across the GCC." He continued, “Participants were able to exchange competing views and follow the fast-changing economics of the global energy industry."

UNIVEST Group was the arranger for the Katana Energy International deal on behalf of a major Kuwaiti shareholding company. Katana’s team have substantial experience in executing the most difficult wells for global super majors and GCC sovereigns. Katana's technologies are used to solving a range of drilling and reservoir management issues around the world, adding significant value to damaged or mature oil and gas fields and thus enhancing the revenues derived from these wells.

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